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Deadline: 2022-01-31
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Applications for the German Embassy in New Delhi

General requirements and prerequisites
? The project partner must be an experienced NGO registered under the Societies
Registration Act and the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).
? The project must be a full project in itself, not part of a bigger project, and must not
be co-financed by other donors. Projects that have already started cannot be funded.
? Implementation completed before the end of the current year (31 December).
? The project partner / the target group should contribute considerably to the success
of the project through labour, overhead expenses like administration and travelling,

Application Deadline
31 January for projects to be implemented in the same year

Documents for the selection process
Please submit by e-mail
The following documents to be transmitted in docs, xlsx or pdf format only. Compressed files like zip or rar cannot
be accepted. Attachments limited to 10 MB per e-mail!
? Project proposal on Embassy's application form provided on this website,
accompanied by the documents mentioned therein
? Finance plan
? Registration under the Indian Societies Registration Act
? Registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA)
The selection process will take at least two months, until end of March.

After approval
Please provide
? Please provide all the documents submitted for the selection process in hard copy by
post as well as three (3) quotations / proforma invoices for each item to be purchased (originals)
The Embassy will provide the project agreement.

Where to apply
Embassy of the
Federal Republic of Germany
6 / 50G Shanti Path, Chanakyapuri
New Delhi 110021
P.O.Box 613 - New Delhi 110001



For projects in
Delhi, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu
& Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Uttar
Pradesh, Uttarakhand
and Bhutan

Small Scale Projects
Small scale projects are to serve the basic needs of the least advantaged in society and
should have a sustainable effect on their living conditions, alongside the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations. Some examples for small scale projects:

Infrastructure and environmental protection
? Equipment and materials for constructing / repairing an irrigation system, a water
dam, a bridge, a road
? Constructing / furnishings and equipment for a community centre
? Constructing biogas or photovoltaic plants or a water dam for electricity supply

? Constructing / furnishings and equipment for
a drinking water well, a community health centre, a dental clinic, an eye clinic, public
sanitary facilities, a laboratory
? Promoting health awareness through publications or workshops
? Workshop for mothers with handicapped children

? Constructing / repairing / furnishings and equipment for a school building
? Purchasing educational & teaching materials
? Equipment for vocational training (sewing machines, special tools, work benches)

Income generation
? Purchasing tools and machinery for farming or motors for small fishing boats
? Constructing / repairing crop storage facilities
? Purchasing seedlings for cultivation of crops, fruits & vegetables
? Workshop on how to run a small business

The German Government provides direct assistance and quick relief for the least privileged parts of society through the small scale project programme.
Small scale projects - sometimes referred to as micro projects - have become a constant in Germany's bilateral development cooperation with many countries. Funded by the German Federal Foreign Office these projects stand out with a short planning period and a quick and smooth implementation.

The projects address the basic and urgent needs of the underprivileged, alongside the SDG - the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and aim at achieving improved living conditions beyond the duration of the project. The areas of activity are manifold: healthcare and sanitary equipment, income generation through education and vocational training, water supply, energy supply, food security, reconstructions after a natural disaster etc.

Each German mission has its own funds and will decide independently on the projects within the administrative district. In India these are the Embassy in New Delhi and the Consulates General in Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai.

In 2021 the Embassy in New Delhi has disbursed over Euro 155,000.00 for seven projects, including special funds for COVID-19 related measures.

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