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Deadline: 2022-05-31
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Innovative Small Grants Program —  Request For Proposals 2022


For the year 2022 the Child Health Foundation (CHF) wishes to receive proposals from registered non-governmental organizations (NGO)s) for innovative research or innovative service projects directed at improving the health and well-being of new-born infants during their first year of life. This is a time of high risk for babies, and we believe that local groups may have innovative ideas on improving the health, survival and wellbeing of these vulnerable infants. Proposals for other types of projects will not be considered.

The maximum budget for these projects is $5,000 over a one-year period.  Successful applications receive $4,000 when the project is scheduled to start and another $1,000 upon receipt of a final report. Organizations must be certified, that is, hold registration in the country of origin. And we will ask for a credible reference. To save time and money for yourselves and us, please do not include certificates of registration, recommendations, annual reports, or photos until they are requested. 

Background New biomedical and social technologies have led to the development or successful application of products and approaches that can be used globally. These products and innovative approaches have brought dramatic improvements in infant and child health over the past 50 years. For example, oral rehydration therapy (ORT) for diarrhea, treatment for pneumonia, vaccinations for children, vitamin A, and others have all contributed to a steady improvement in children’s health and survival.  Each of these interventions were based on a solid foundation of research.

This year, the focus will be directed toward improving the lives of infants during the first year of life or (if appropriate to the specific project) the first few months.  Infants are most vulnerable during this early time period and CHF believes that small innovative projects can make a major impact on child health in diverse settings. 

CHF will consider a range of technologies and approaches including both biomedical and social science projects that show promise, are innovative, and may have wide-spread application. Projects that involve only general medical care of children, but without innovative aspects, will not be considered.  We assume that mothers and infants are receiving routine care through their standard health system including access to antenatal care, routine immunizations, assistance with breast feeding, oral hydration for diarrhea, and vitamin A supplements. Thus, CHF is looking for projects that describe unique settings or conditions that require innovative solutions.  We believe that local NGOs are uniquely situated to make perceptive observations based on their local knowledge that will benefit their children.

The projects should be done within one year and should be able to document measurable results. The projects may address child health issues in a developing country or in the United States. The projects will be reviewed by the Program Committee of the Child Health Foundation. Outside reviewers will be used if necessary. The number of projects approved depends on the amount of funding available. In the past CHF has been able to fund only six proposals in a year, although there were many others of high quality. The deadline for the proposal is May 31, 2022. You will hear by mid-September if your proposal has been accepted for funding.

It is important that the format described below is followed.  Proposals should be forwarded as an email attachment to  When CHF receives it, we will acknowledge, so if you do not hear from us that we have received it, please contact us.

Format for the Application

  1. Cover page must include: (1 page)

  • Name and address of organization

  • Name of director and contact person(s), telephone and e-mail addresses

  • One paragraph summarizing the mission of the organization

  • One paragraph stating the purpose of the grant request, and how it relates to the mission of the organization

  • Total dollar amount of the organization’s annual budget

  • Total dollar amount of the proposed project’s budget

  • Total dollar amount being requested from Child Health Foundation for the project

  • Total dollar amount committed from other funding sources for the project

  • Beginning and ending dates of the project (not to exceed one year)

  1. Project Narrative.  This application form is designed to help your organization explain the project you would like the Child Health Foundation to fund.  The application is divided into several sections.  (Note, there is a word limit to each section, but it is not necessary to use the maximum. The full narrative should be no more than 4 pages.)

  1. Problem Statement: Provide a brief summary of the problem that your organization will be addressing by this project (maximum 300 words)

  2. Specific Aims : Provide a description of the specific aims of your project; that is what the project intends to accomplish (Maximum 1 to 3 aims and 400 words)

  3. Background: Provide the relevant background information about the issue, how and why your NGO decided to address the issue, and the ability of your organization to address this issue. (maximum 1000 words)

  4. Innovation: What are the unique aspects about your proposal that makes it stand out from the current methods (maximum 500 words)

  5. Approach: Explain what you propose to do in your project and how you will evaluate it.  Provide as much detail as possible to describe what will happen, who will actually carry out the work, and the timeline for the project (maximum 1000 words)

  6. Dissemination: Briefly describe how you will disseminate your results and who will be the target for the dissemination (e.g. health agencies, community groups, others).

  7. Mentorship: Will your project have guidance from a more senior, experienced person to help guide the project?  Often, projects can be assisted when they have such guidance.  This person could be someone from your country (such as from a university or a larger volunteer organization) or from another country with whom you could communicate via email, Skype, or Zoom.

  1. Budget: (1 page)

  • Detailed categories and justification of how funds will be used

  • Amount requested must not exceed $5,000

  • Funds may not be used for international travel, computers, secretarial support, or overhead.

Scheduled disbursement of funds to successful proposals: US$4,000 at start of project; US$1,000 upon receipt of interim report which includes itemized spent funds.

Please send proposals as an email attachment to:

Include your country’s name on all correspondence.

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