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The vocation of the Fondation SUEZ is to combat exclusion by favouring inclusion and consequently sustainably improving the living conditions and autonomy of persons via access to essential services, social insertion and social harmony.

The Fondation SUEZ supports concrete actions in favour of:

Access to essential services (water, sanitation and waste) for disadvantaged populations in developing countries;

Before submitting your project application, please refer to the information below.

Requests for support and financing can be submitted at any moment, but will be processed according to the following schedule:
Project applications received before 31/10 will be presented at the Board of Directors Meeting in April, depending on the results of their initial assessment.

Project applications received before 30/04 will be presented at the Board of Directors Meeting in October, depending on the results of their initial assessment.
Location / implementation zone
For access to essential service projects, the Fondation supports projects implemented in
developing countries. It does not intervene in so-called developed countries within the
context of the domain considered. The Fondation is looking to focus its actions on problems
encountered in urban and peri-urban areas: projects meeting this criterion will be studied as
a matter of priority. However, projects in rural settings will not be disregarded if they permit
the management of the services provided to be structured on a long-term basis.

Project initiators and eligibility criteria
The Fondation supports projects proposed by project initiators with an associative legal status
and which have been legally established for at least one year prior to the date of the submission
of the project application.
The Fondation does not support projects developed by individuals.
The Fondation attaches a great deal of importance to how actions are relayed on the site of
intervention and gives priority to applicants which possess local divisions or which report a very
close partnership with a local structure.
Similarly, particular attention will be paid to:
- The clearly identified demand and the determination of the populations concerned to
contribute towards maintaining the service or activity to be created,
- Whether or not the project is of general interest,
- The commitment and support shown towards the project by local stakeholders: user
associations, local resident communities, local authorities etc.
- The correspondence of the project with the national or regional policies adopted in the
domain considered,
- Coherency with the other projects implemented on the same theme in the same
geographical zone; for access to essential service projects: resource preservation,
integrated management of the receiving environment, collection and treatment
- The search for efficiency and the sustainable improvement in the living conditions of
populations as part of a development process which respects the environment,
- The search for the sustainability of actions thanks to the relevance of the prior
assessment designed to measure the impacts of the project’s achievements
- Impact measuring thanks to indicators and assessment mechanisms based on
transparency, in conjunction – where possible – with the authorities in the countries
- The introduction of post-project monitoring,
- And, particularly for projects relating to access to essential services, the existence of
training to improve and manage services, personnel training and awareness-raising
actions among local populations with respect to health and hygiene.

Total sum of the financial aid awarded
Financial aid from the Fondation is not generally awarded to the organisation itself but is
allocated to an identified and defined project.
The Fondation studies all of the projects, whatever their size, and does not possess an upper
limit with respect to the sum of aid awarded.
The Fondation does not support projects for which it would be the sole backer. It intervenes as a
co-funder of projects which benefit from other sources of financing, whether these sources are
the own resources of the project initiator or public subsidies (European Union, local authorities,
public establishments etc…) or financial aid provided by other backers, such as companies or
other foundations.
The Fondation can award up to 50% of the project’s total budget.
The Fondation is in favour of the participation of the populations concerned in financing the
service provided, both in terms of cash contributions and labour, within their capabilities.

Duration of projects
The Fondation considers applications from both once-only projects and multi-year projects. It
does however only support associations, organisations or institutions having proven the
relevance of their action and the durability of their results.

Contractualisation process
Reciprocal commitments between the project initiator and the Fondation are embodied by the
signature of an agreement.
Even if the project is accepted by the Fondation, the agreement cannot be signed until 80% of the
project’s financing, including the contribution by the Fondation, has been confirmed. Letters of
commitment from other backers must be sent to the Fondation to permit the establishment of the
In the case where all project financing is not completed within six months following the notification
by the Fondation to the project initiator, the decision to award financial aid will be annulled and
the sum in question will be reintegrated into the budgetary envelope to be subsequently awarded
to other projects by the Fondation.

Project monitoring by the Fondation
The Fondation reserves the right to monitor the progression of the project and assess the
achievement of the objectives initially announced, where needs be by sending out delegates to
complete assessment missions.
When the financial aid provided by the Fondation is the focus of several instalments, these
instalments may be conditioned by the progression of the project and the concretisation of
decisional milestones fixed when the agreement is signed.
Meetings for the launch, annual monitoring and project end are to be provided for.

Continuity of action
The Fondation attaches particular importance to the continuity of the actions undertaken. It is
therefore especially attentive to measures to organise financing and governance adopted with a
view to ensuring the long-term establishment of the improvements made by the programme
presented, including post-project monitoring.

The SUEZ Fondation does NOT finance:
- Projects which do not come within the scope of intervention of the Fondation and which do
not meet the above-listed criteria.
- Projects requiring more than 50% of their financing to be provided by the Fondation.
- Personal projects, projects initiated by student associations, trips, educational grants,
study trips, work placements, university theses and dissertations.
- Projects already carried out (except in the case of the projects rewarded by the SUEZ–
Institut de France Awards).
- Projects for which a major part of the budget serves to finance their functioning.
- Projects developed by individuals.
- Communication actions or projects with a promotional or publicity objective.
- Editorial projects or cinematographic productions.
- Projects with no other partners.

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