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This highlight notice is intended to encourage the development of research networking proposals which explore the contribution that arts and humanities research canmake to education and learning in low or middle income country contexts affected by conflict and/or protracted crises. It also seeks to support the development of sustained international boundary crossing collaborations with Low and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) which receive Official Development Assistance (ODA) and/or with organisations which play an important role in supporting international development and/or education and learning in low and/or middle income countries. Additional funding is being made available to support applications under this highlight notice as a part of the allocation to the AHRC under the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) (see section below). Given that international collaboration with developing countries is centralto this highlight notice, applications may seek up to £30,000 of supplementary funding specifically to enhance international activities, collaborations and participation (particularly in relation to LMICs) in addition to the normal £30,000 networking scheme limit.

This highlight notice will close at 1600 hours on Thursday 24th May 2018, with projects expected to commence no later than 1 st January 2019.


The AHRC is in discussions with the Department for International Development (DfID) and British Academy about potential future collaboration on the theme of education in conflict and protracted crises. DfID has identified a relative lack of robust research evidence on the effectiveness of educational interventions in contexts of conflict and protracted crises and a need for further research on the long-term role of education in conflict de-escalation, peace building and post-conflict development and to inform innovations to improve access to quality education for all those affected by conflict and protracted crises. Analysis of the current AHRC portfolio and initial consultations, including a workshop held at the British Academy on 1st December 2017 and discussions at AHRC’s GCRF Strategic Advisory Group (see Annex 1&2 for summary of discussions), indicate that this is a field in which there is a rich research agenda and significant capacity for research across the arts and humanities to make distinctive and innovative contributions. This highlight notice is intended to provide an opportunity to explore the potential for the arts and humanities to make innovative contributions in this area, to enhance UK and LMIC arts and humanities and cross-disciplinary research capability in this field and to build international partnerships with researchers, ngos and local educational and cultural organisations in LMICs. Scope This highlight notice is open to research networking proposals grounded in arts and humanities research expertise and perspectives which seek to address challenges relating to education and learning in low or middle income country contexts affected by conflict and/or protracted crises.

Propoal Requirements

To be eligible for consideration under this highlight notice proposals must meet the requirements for the highlight notice as outlined in this document, including ODA compliance requirements. In terms of education and learning we are open to proposals addressing any of (or any combination of)- but not limited to the following research areas:

--learning at any stage of, or across, the lifecourse/ all educational levels, including early years, school age, further, higher, workplace, vocational and adult education, lifelong learning, cross- and inter-generational and peer learning

--learning in any context, both formal and informal, including for example, learning in cultural, creative and heritage organisations / sites, learning in the home, family or community settings, learning in institutional contexts such as care homes, prisons etc., learning in digital environments, faith based learning systems, cross-boundary learning in diasporic communities, learning in transitory or displaced contexts (e.g. refugee camps), learning transitions and interactions between different contexts (e.g. home-school) etc.

--indigenous / local knowledges and skills development, indigenous learning cultures, assets and systems, indigenous languages, crafts and creative practices, inter-general transmission of local environmental knowledge, educational use of cultural artefacts, creative outputs or heritage sites, etc.

--teacher training, learning and development

--the design of educational environments (physical and virtual), organisations, services and systems

--proposals addressing issues such as gender, exclusion, inclusion, participation, marginalisation and inequalities in the context of education and learning

--educational capability building / development, e.g. LMIC educational institution capacity development / organisational learning

--learning content and curricula, what is (and is not) taught, including for example learning from or about difficult or hidden pasts/ histories / heritages/ creative outputs, cultural identities and beliefs formation, cross-cultural learning, languages learning (including endangered or multi-lingual learning), faith- based learning, learning as a part of transitional justice, peacebuilding, addressing legacies of the past, etc.

--learning within specific groups or contexts such as, for example, ex-combatants, prisoners, injured, displaced populations, orphaned, bereaved, traumatised, abused, marginalised, groups subjected to human rights violations, and/or education of vulnerable groups or learners affected by physical or mental illness or disability in conflict/ crisis contexts).

Remit and Eligibility

Inter-disciplinary boundary-crossing proposals are welcomed, including those proposals that cross Research Council remits. Where proposals extend beyond the AHRC’ssubject remit, they should ensure that they bring arts and humanities research expertise and distinctive arts and humanities research concepts, ideas and/or approaches centrally into the development of relevant cross disciplinary fields. In order to be considered under this highlight notice applications must draw significantly on relevant arts and humanities research literature, context and concepts or approaches and include significant research expertise within the remit of the AHRC.

Inter-disciplinary proposals may be considered which involve collaboration between the arts and humanities and the social sciences and with disciplinary fields such as of education, psychology and pedagogy which predominantly fall within the remit of the ESRC .

Research proposals in broad fields such as educational research will be expected to demonstrate how they will engage with research and expertise (as well as, where appropriate, practice) in relevant arts and humanities research areas(e.g. languages, faith, law, creative arts, performance, history, literature, architecture, design, museums and heritage) which fall within the remit of the AHRC and to consider how the network will proactively create opportunities for interdisciplinary research with wider arts and humanities subject areas.

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