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Community Partnership grants are open to applications from small, UK registered, non-government organisations. Grants are available for up to £250,000 for projects of 3 years or less, for organisations with an average income of less than £1,000,000 per annum for the past 3 years.


There are no specific thematic areas of interest for this particular funding round but applications must be able to demonstrate how they are addressing the Global Goals. The grants are designed to support initiatives that focus on delivering results on a small scale, pilot new or innovative approaches, focus on the most marginalised, and work at the community level.

Application Process

Applying for a Community Partnership grant is a 2-stage process: the submission of a concept note, and if successful organisations will be asked to submit a full application. Concept notes could be submitted from Wednesday 4 April.

The closing date for submitting concept notes is Wednesday 13 June 2018 at 17:00 (GMT).


Community Partnership grants are open to applications from small, non-governmental organisations that are registered as a not-for-profit organisation in the UK. To be considered as registered in the UK, your organisation must: have its own legal identity in the UK, and be registered with Companies House and/or The Charity Commission have significant ongoing operations based in the UK related to the oversight and management of the UK Aid Direct grant and be able to demonstrate significant autonomy. If your organisation is part of a larger international family, we will expect you to demonstrate autonomy; your organisation must have its own UK specific constitution and an independent board of trustees, i.e. the board must be locally appointed and be free and able to make independent decisions on strategic and operational issues. The status of the organisation may be verified during due diligence. The organisation must have an average income of less than 1,000,000 Pounds per annum for the past 3 years, as shown in approved organisational accounts. You may be asked to provide relevant documentation as evidence. New organisations with fewer than 3 years of accounts may also apply and in such cases, average annual income will be calculated based on the organisation’s length of operation.

Classification of Budget

Under UK Aid Direct, budgets are split between five standardised budget headings/subheads: Capital Expenditure, Project Activities, Staff Costs, Other Administrative Expenditure, Monitoring Evaluation and Lesson Learning. Within each of these headings, grant holders must define their own budget lines which are specific to the project.

Due Diligence

As a condition of receiving a UK Aid Direct grant, all successful applications must cooperate with a due diligence assessment carried out by the Fund Manager. Due diligence provides DFID with assurance over the risk of funding a project through the applicant organisation. It is however also intended to be a valuable resource available to the applicants themselves; the due diligence report provides prospective grant holders with an independent assessment of the systems and processes operating in the management of the grant. It can be used to provide valuable insight into areas for development and as a tool to build capacity and benefits from comparisons against best practice. Due diligence is completed as the finalstage in the application process prior to contracting and will only be carried out on applications approved by the Secretary of State. Organisations which are not mapproved at full application stage will not have to complete this assessment. The purpose of this document is to inform applicants of the need for this process to be conducted and to provide details of the process to allow them to plan accordingly. No immediate action is required from your organisation at this stage.

Due diligence process Overview

There are 3 stages to the due diligence process used by UK Aid Direct:

• Financial Due Diligence (FDD). The FDD is conducted at the concept note stage. It involved a brief assessment of the information supplied with the concept note to verify that the organisation is suitable to manage a grant of this size, and that it meets financial eligibility requirements.

• Integrity Due Diligence (IDD). IDD is completed alongside full applications. It involves the analysis of data provided on key individuals, and the applicant organisation, in order to confirm that there is no history of money laundering, fraud bribery or corruption, sanctions, or other negative news stories.

• Financial Management Assessment (FMA). If applicants are successful with their full applications the final stage of due diligence is to complete an FMA. The FMA is the step in the process which directly requires the involvement and engagement of the applicant organisation. A brief guide to the process is set out below

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