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General Introduction

Gender-based violence (GBV) is one of the greatest social, economic and development challenges facing the world today. At least one-third of women across the globe experience GBV and the health and development consequences that this violence brings. The costs of violence are substantial. Violence against women and girls impedes full participation in society, limits access to education, labor force participation and ownership of assets, to name a few. For intimate partner violence alone, selected country estimates suggest that out-ofpocket expenditures, lost income and reduced productivity can amount to up to 3.7% of GDPmore than whatmany governmentsspend on primary education1. EffectiveGBV prevention and response is an area of work for multi-lateral and bilateral agencies, governments, companies and NGOs, with an increasing body of interventions based on research and evidence contributing to the field’s knowledge about what works to stem the cycle of violence.

Capitalizing on this momentum to achieve broader and more sustainable change requires tapping the creative energy of emerging leaders and solution-makers. It also requires documenting oursuccesses and failures to ensure that we continue to advance the field by investing limited resources towards the most effective strategies. To contribute to this global effort, the Sexual Violence Research Initiative (SVRI) in partnership with theWorld BankGroup (WBG) have created the Sexual Violence Research Initiative and the World Bank Group’s Development Marketplace for Innovation in the prevention and response of gender-based violence in low and middle income settings.

The SVRI and the WBG are requesting proposals for innovative research and interventions or related activities that will contribute to improved responses and prevention of genderbased violence in low and middle income countries. 

Eligibility of Applications

Applications for support under this award should be affiliated with a recognized, legally constituted research institution, a company or non-government organization with existing research or programming capacity.

A maximum of two proposals will be considered for funding per applicant. Only one award through this mechanism may be held by an applicant until the project has been completed.

Award applications that are proposing work on behalf of UN Agencies will not be considered. Previous award winners will not be considered as principal applicants.

Partnerships between multiple organizations are encouraged, for example, a local NGO and an academic institution, or north-south academic partnerships or a company with a NGO or an academic institution.

Proposals must have at least one partner from a low or middle income country to be eligible for funding. Where appropriate, these partnerships should have as an objective building the research capacity of the implementing agency.

Due to high levels of competition and limited funds available, the quality of the proposal submitted will determine success in receiving the award.

Nature of Supported Projects

All projects under this call should focus on GBV prevention and response in low and middle income countries.

Types of projects that may be supported through this call for proposals include:

• Piloting, adaptation, testing and/or scale up of new or promising interventions, including formative research that will contribute to the design of GBVprevention interventions.

• Projects on the creative uses of Information andCommunications Technology (ICT), or multi-components social media campaigns to challenge social norms that promote and accept the use of violence against women and violence against children.

• Self-contained research projects that are either stand alone or fit within alarger project which will build on, or support GBV prevention or response, including formative research studies, pilot or feasibility studies.

• Costing studies on promising/effective GBV interventions to assess value formoney.

• Adding a new component/arm to an already funded intervention that canprovide additional insight into the effectiveness of intervention components.

• Projects to disseminate promising research findings including those withcreative uses of ICT to advance the effective translation of research findings into policy and practice (increase research uptake and bridge the gap between researchers and program officers).

• Secondary analysis of existing data.

• Studies to better understand the mechanisms and pathways of change of effective GBV prevention interventions.

• Studies to measure ripple/spillover effects of women’s economic empowerment or political participation programming on GBV.

• Research on the role of the private sector in GBV prevention and response.

• Impact assessments of what works in GBV prevention (policy and programs) by the private sector at the workplace and in the community. 


If the funds are sought for scale up or dissemination activities, the application must provide sufficient information to enable the scientific quality of the original study to be assessed as well as a description of the activities for which funds arerequested.

Project Length and Duration

The activities supported under this award should be for a maximum of 24 months duration, with the expectation that the award will cover all, or the majority of, the costs of the activities specified. The common characteristic of these awards is the provision of limited funding for a short period oftimewith a clear measurable outcome. Awards of up to $100,000 are available. Any applications with requests exceeding USD100,000 will not beconsidered.

Seed grants up to $40,000 are also available for applications from private companies interested in evaluating workplace programmes and can provide matching funds. These seed grants can only be used for publicly available outputs.



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