For Treatment of Aplastic Anemia

Kumari Manshi Verma aged only 13 yrs and suffering from aplastic anemia (Blood and Bone Cancer) has been received by the society. The girl was being treated at Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai but the hospital has now expressed its inability to treat her further because of exorbitant cost. She has now been shifted to KEM Hospital Mumbai w.e.f. January 2014.Her father is a bicycle mechanic earning a meager amount per month and he has to support his three daughters and a son. The Patients need three pouches of blood every week and the hospital has projected a requirement of Rs. 2.5 lakh to support the patient for further treatment.

Name of the Helpless : Kumari Mansi Verma
Age : 13
Sex : Female
Address : Chawl No.14 Khadak Pada Kalyan Mumbai

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