Nomination Open for National Award for Excellence in Forestry-2022

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National Award for Excellence in Forestry-2022

Established in : 2021

Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

a) To promote and motivate the professional competence in the scientific community, including forestry professionals, technical persons and research scholars in the field of forestry.

b) To encorage individuals, farmers, Village Forest Committees, Self-Help Groups, institutions, organizations, NGOs and forest based industries who have contributed in the field of forestry.

c) To recognise practical and applied forestry research-oriented performance which has led to public welfare.

d) To fecilitate person(s) who has made significant contribution towards the cause of forestry.

Eligibility :

a) The award would be considered on the basis of outstanding contribution made through the work done during five years preceding the year of award for Outstanding Scientist Award in Forestry and Forestry Research Award. 

b) An institution, team of scientists or individuals or any other recipient once awarded for their work shall not be eligible again for next five years.

c) Only Indian citizens shall be eligible for the awards.

d) If any information furnished by the applicant is found to be false or misleading, the application will summarily be rejected and the applicant will be debarred for consideration for these Awards in the future. 

e) Lifetime Achievement Award in Forestry is open for all Indian citizen for exceptionally distinguished work done in the field of forestry and having outstanding contributions for the cause of forestry research, management, education and/or extension.

No. of Awardees :


Selection Process :

ICFRE National Awards Committee constituted under rule 7.4 of Indian Council of Forest Research & Education (ICFRE) Rules shall evaluate the nominations received as per the following:

a) Scientific, technological and socio-economic relevance.

b) Scientific validity and accuracy of experimental data.

c) Significant advancement by the findings/applications to contemporary knowledge and understanding.

d) Originality in thinking, its path breaking nature and its high potential value for the future.

e) Field impact/adoption of the research findings Commercial application/commercialization of technology/ innovation.

f) Publication in high impact journals.

g) Impact on marginalized population especially in rural and forest fringe areas. 

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