Road Safety Trust's Grant

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Road Safety Trust Grant Policy

The Road Safety Trust has been created to contribute to improvements in safety on the roads of the United
Kingdom through support for research into road safety and for the development of practical measures and trial or
demonstration projects, whether through education, engineering or enforcement, aimed to reduce death and injury
to all road users. The Trust intends to uphold the highest of ethical and safety standards in both the conduct of the
research and activity it funds and prudence in the expenditure of the funds that it holds. It will be especially keen
to support measures that combine approaches to casualty reduction.

This grant programme has the following objectives in order to meet the overall charitable objectives
of the Trust:
• Raising Road Safety awareness and sharing knowledge and learning
• Supporting the development of evidence based approaches to Road Safety
• Improving Road Safety policy and practice
• Encouraging partnership working, as a way to achieve these objectives

All applications for funding should be able to demonstrate how the proposed project meets one or
more of these objectives.

UK based organisations (both public and professional associations), registered charities and university
departments may apply for grants. Individuals are not eligible for Trust grants unless part of a wider research or
project team. Private commercial enterprise, Community Interest Companies and not for profit businesses will be
considered for funding providing that it can be demonstrated that the schemes or initiatives proposed are for
charitable activity and for the public benefit and are consistent with the principles of the Trust.


Read more: Call For Proposal

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Road Safety Trust's Grant

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