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List of NGO For Animal Husbandry or Dairying & Fisheries

There are total 1861 list of NGO working for Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries. Kindly have a look the list of NGO in Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries as follows. We offer NGOs database in excel sheet to company, students, CSR, and Donors to provide genuine services, donation or different purpose for our registered NGOs. Are you interested to export NGOs database in excel sheet? Click Here

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Worldwide Career Planner - NGO

Contact Person: Wasim Ahmed Kalas
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Global Service Society Adoni - NGO

Contact Person: Mr V Veereshappa
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Helpline Health Care Society - NGO

Contact Person: Dr N C Huzuri
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Bhavishya Bharat - NGO

Contact Person: Lt Gen Retd Hari Prasad
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All Gumsing Welfare Society - NGO

Contact Person: Shri Tani Singyum
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All Nguri Welfare Society - NGO

Contact Person: Shri Nguri Kyokam
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Misrav Cultural Society - NGO

Contact Person: Shihabudheen Chadippura
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Androth Cultural Centre - NGO

Contact Person: Pp Mohammed Althaf Hussain
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Al Ihsan Enterprises - NGO

Contact Person: Mohammed Najeeb Ch
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Snahalaya Ashram - NGO

Contact Person: Dr Madhu Krishan
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Displaying 0 - 9 of 1861 result(s)

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