Manav Vikash Shanti Yog Foundation

Manav Vikash Shanti Yog Foundation

Young With Yoga

Manav Vikash Shanti Yog Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO) working in Rajasthan. The name of our foundation signifies that there is an established link between yoga and human development. The founding members of our society, staunch believers in the healing power of yoga, felt that this ancient science has proven track record of contributing to effective human development and promotion and generating awareness about the same would help improve the overall well being of thousands of individuals and in the long run impact the society at large.

Apart from yoga, the organization gradually have taken up activities for empowerment of women, children and socially backward communities by providing sustainable livelihood, quality education, training and related services. Through our activities we aim to create a prosperous and peaceful society.

To free the minds of youth of myths and superstitions related to caste creed and religion and build a strong foundation in them through the power of yoga.

To facilitate the process of emancipation from deeply entrenched social prejudices through education.

To promote sustainable human development through the medium of yoga
To provide ethics and value education to youth
To work towards women empowerment
To save the girl child
To spread awareness on importance of education for girls
To conduct various activities for development of children and women
To actively participate in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan (Clean India Campaign)

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